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Biomimicry Youth Challenge

Want to teach your students about biomimicry? Want to get them excited and engaged by looking to the natural world for solutions? How about encouraging them to go outside and draw inspiration from nature to foster creativity, innovation, and scientific thinking?

There is no better way to learn about biomimicry than by doing it.

The Biomimicry Youth Challenge provides a fun framework for students and their teachers and parents/guardians to learn about biomimicry and how nature can help people to create more sustainable designs. When students see how much the natural world can teach us about designing for a healthier, more sustainable planet, their awe and respect for the natural world increases in ways that will last a lifetime.

How to Participate

In the past, the BYC has been held as a contest (2010-11, 2011-12), with the Biomimicry Institute judging entries and providing prizes. We have since eliminated the competition part, and encourage youth educators to define their own Challenge using the wealth of materials we have available. These locally attuned activities may involve student teams coming up with biomimetic designs, hosting biomimicry-themed science fairs, exhibits, events, posters, or whatever works best for your students and setting.

  • Browse the Suggestions area of our website for ideas and tips on running a challenge with your students.
  • Download the K-12 Educators’ Pathway and Resources toolkit to learn more about biomimicry and ways to share it with your students.
  • Look for further inspiration and information among our other Curricula and Resources.
  • At the end of your Challenge, no matter when that occurs, we encourage you to share your outcomes with other educators on the Biomimicry Education Network blog. You can submit your story here.